The Center for Discovery – New York State – September 21st to 22nd

Charlotte von Bulow, Judy Foster and Jonathan Code are visiting the Center for Discovery from September 21st to September 24th.

The Center for Discovery is a community of care that enables and encourages people with disabilities by attending to all the aspects of a productive, meaningful, and happy life,  by creating a model of an inclusive and welcoming place to belong that supports the well-being of all its members, enriches the regional economy, creates valued work opportunities on Main Street and safeguards and enriches the health and well-being of individuals and the land that sustains us.

Charlotte, Judy and Jonathan will be running a Vision and Values workshop at the Center on Monday September 21st. Charlotte will also be delivering a workshop on The Role of Empathy in Organisational Development and Leadership on Tuesday September 23rd as part of the Heirloom series of workshops

Hawthorne Valley Farm – New York State – September 19th to 21st

Charlotte von Bulow, Judy Foster and Jonathan Code are visiting Hawthorne Valley Farm from September 19th to September 21st to promote the MSc Researching Holistic Approaches to Agroecology and to discuss development projects.

They will also be running a workshop entitled Intention and Attention in Symposionic Conversation in collaboration  with Marc Clifton. [page no longer exists]

Hawthorne Valley Farm has been producing high quality food for more than 35 years. Through biodynamic farming practices they reflect a  commitment to protecting the health of the earth and all who live on it. The education and outreach programs provided by the farm strive to raise awareness of the social, ecological, and economic importance of agriculture in everyday life