Reimagining the University: New approaches to teaching and learning in higher education

Friday 17 Oct 2014, 5:00pm-9:00pm PRE-CONFERENCE SYMPOSIUM AND DINNER
Saturday 18 Oct 2014, 9:30am-5:00pm MAIN CONFERENCE

University of Gloucestershire
Fullwood House
Park Campus
The Park


What were the original ideals of the university and how do they relate to what the university has become today? How can new ideas of ethical, embodied transformative practice help to reimagine and revitalize the university?

The conference is for educators, practitioners and researchers from different disciplines who are interested in innovative approaches to teaching and learning in higher education including:

  • embodied teaching and learning methods that involve the whole human being in the learning process.
  • participatory learning that challenges and redefines how valid knowledge is created.
  • learning that helps students develop into the ethical leaders of the future.
  • inter-disciplinary practice that bridges the divide between arts, humanities and sciences as a way of opening up new approaches to learning and knowledge.

This collaborative event is organised by the University of Gloucestershire, Crossfields Institute, and Alanus University (Germany), with a contribution from the Ruskin Mill Field Centre

Further Information:

Charlotte von Bülow (Chief Executive of Crossfields Institute) Lecture at Alanus University

On the 8th of October 2014, Charlotte von Bülow (Chief Executive of Crossfields Institute) is giving a lecture at Alanus University as part of the University’s lecture series “Shaping the future of higher education. Challenges and perspectives of today’s university education”. Her lecture is entitled: The ‘whether’ and ‘how’ of reshaping the University – a discourse on the role of Higher Education today. Read the full introduction here

New Accredited Montessori Qualifications

Crossfields Institute can announce the recent accreditation of 2 new Montessori Early Years qualifications. We have been working collaboratively with Montessori Centre International and the awarding organisation CACHE on the development of these qualifications – the first Montessori Ofqual-regulated qualifications in the UK. These qualifications are a blend of practical and academic work using an integrative, holistic approach to teaching and learning, and they meet the National College of Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) new early years criteria.

If you are a learner interested in studying on these qualifications please go to:

If you are centre that wishes to apply to deliver these qualifications  please email our Academic Administration Team on for more information.

Leading Organisational Transformation – Thoughts on the Seminar in Cambodia

Following on from previous blog post The Grubb Institute: Leading Organisational Transformation – a Week Long Seminar:

In conclusion, the state of the system at the end of Seminar 4 is of grappling with consequence of maturation, which has led to a sharpening of the realisation of personal responsibility and systemic accountability. The fear to choose new responses to old behaviours leads to the diminishment of fullness rather than excitement and exhilaration at the potential impact that taking up roles effectively in the world can be met.

This is because there is a lingering doubt about whether maturing and leaving the family idea-in-the-mind will mean leaving old patterns or reinforcing them in new ways.

This hypothesis will be tested through the evidence of the capacity of participants to effectively take up their roles in the OLS, and in making effective transitions from Role Consultants to Project Consultants.

Rebekah, Olivia & Bruce
Seminar Faculty – Leading Organisational Transformation