New Integrated Education qualifications for schools

Crossfields Institute is delighted to announce that two new qualifications for schools have been launched.

Crossfields Institute Level 2 Integrated Education Certificate
Crossfields Institute Level 3 Integrated Education Certificate

are now open for registrations and interested schools are invited to seek centre approval.

These qualifications are for students age 14+ (Level 2) and age 16+ (Level 3) and contain two modules. An Independent Project enables students to follow their passion and explore an interest or career aspiration in depth whilst developing the ability to self-direct and coordinate their own learning. Creative Thinking Skills develop the skills of making connections and using different perspectives to communicate ideas or concepts. Students will also develop skills of reflection and making reasoned judgments. The Creative Thinking Skills module draws on formal, non-formal and informal learning and any area of the taught curriculum.

These qualifications were developed as a result of the ACTS project ( which was recognised and funded by Erasmus+ (Key Action 2, School Education Strategic Partnership Project 2015). The project was led by the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship (UK) in partnership with Sammenslutningen af frie Rudolf Steiner skoler i Danmark (Denmark); Steinerskoleforbundet (Norway); Steinerkasvatuksen liitto (Finland) and Crossfields Institute. Together, the four national federations of Steiner Waldorf Schools brought a wealth of curriculum and pedagogical expertise to the project and development of this qualification.

Crossfields Institute is a Gloucestershire based education charity, approved by Ofqual (the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations in England) as an awarding organisation. The Institute specialises in the development of qualifications that take an integrative, human-centred approach to learning and development.

Any schools who are interested in finding out more about offering these qualifications should contact