Animal Nature: Understanding the Nature of Animals

Join us for this workshop in which we will seek a deeper understanding of ‘animal nature’. Drawing on insights from a range of disciplines (science, art, agriculture and ecopsychology) we will delve into the many ways in which our lives interface with those of the animals around us.

Saturday February 23th 2019
9 AM- 7 PM
The Museum in the Park, Stroud, Gloucestershire

Full attendance: £65 (light lunch included)

Morning Sessions

Animals Underground – Dr Liz Hamilton
Environmental Sciences: University of Gloucester

Seeing the Animal Whole – Ed Berger
Biodynamic Land Manager: Ruskin Mill Trust

Afternoon Sessions

Encountering Animal – Roger Duncan
Systemic Family Therapist

Animal Ethics: Perspectives – Dr Isis Brook
Research Fellow Crossfields Institute International

Animals & Transformation – Jonathan Code
Director and Researcher Crossfields Institute International

To book the course by phone 01453 808118
or email