CFI Level 4 Diploma in Regenerative Land Based Systems: Agroecological Principles and Practices

Qualification title

CFI Level 4 Diploma in Regenerative Land Based Systems: Agroecological Principles and Practices


This qualification is designed for people who want a practical, work-based approach to learning about regenerative land systems. The qualification progresses from the Level 3 Diploma. Upon completion of this qualification learners will be able to work in Regenerative Food Production, Farming or small-scale food production, forestry or other land-based businesses.  Learners may also choose to complete further study at higher levels.

Why take this qualification?

This objective of this qualification is to: 

Entry requirements

Guided learning hours

304 hours

Total qualification time

526 hours

How long does it take?

Up to 1 year


Portfolio of evidence

Qualification specification

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Centres (Training Providers)

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Registration fee for Centres from 1st September 2023

£200 per learner