Crossfields Consulting, offers short or long-term interventions and projects with businesses, charities, schools, colleges, universities and communities around the globe. We specialise in strategic change, leadership and management, organisational culture, staff development and motivation. Our ongoing research focus is on how to work creatively and effectively with complexity and uncertainty.

We believe that what we love doing is what we do best. Our approach is therefore to connect work life as much as possible with a sense of individual purpose and passion as the basis for healthy organisational culture. In our consulting arm we specialize in helping organisations to grow and develop their staff in a way that supports effectiveness and productivity while also nurturing quality of life, fulfilment and personal growth. To this end we offer consultancy and coaching to senior leaders, managers, boards and others who wish to develop a strategic vision, enhance organisational culture or promote staff development. We also offer coaching to individuals who are starting new initiatives or making major personal life changes.

Organisations who have so far benefited from our work include –

AIB Study Abroad (DE), Biosa (DK), Caravane (QA), Center for Discovery (US), Glaxo Smith Kline (UK), Hawthorne Valley Association (US), Meristem (US), Montessori Centre International (UK), National Health Service (NHS) Avon and Wiltshire (UK), Rudolf Steiner Skolen Kvistgård (DK), Rudolf Steiner Skolen i Odense (DK), University of Birmingham (UK), University of Nottingham (UK), University of Southern Denmark (DK), Witherslack Group (UK).

Workshops we offer to our collaborators and clients include –

1. Working with uncertainty and complexity in the workplace

2. Care, creativity and courage in the workplace

3. Creating a culture of effective and creative client facing work

4. Developing self and others in the workplace

5. Performance and development reviews that make a difference)

6. Competent moment-to-moment facilitation and leadership in the workplace

7. How to hold a meeting that matters

8. The Art and Craft of Delegation

For more information, contact Dr Charlotte von Bülow on email or phone +44 (0) 7704341744 / +4540212597

At Crossfields Europa, we constantly review our offers to meet the changing needs of our world but our commitment to human transformation and the health of our planet never changes.  This is what our clients say.  


“I can honestly say that enlisting Charlotte’s support is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my working life….[She] is a deeply ethical, intelligent, knowledgeable, wise, fearless mentor who is prepared to go anywhere her client’s need to. I found her coaching inspirational and nothing less than life-changing and cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Professor Harry Ferguson, Department of Social Work and Social Care, University of Birmingham

“In all the strategic planning processes I’ve been witness to, experiencing one guided by Charlotte was thrillingly productive, with both a focus on execution melded with the recognition of the subtleties of progress. I can only hope to work together again, and to learn from her honed approach.”

Kevin Irby, Threadspan

“[Charlotte’s] clarity of thought, attention to design and process, skill at interviewing, sensitivity to personal dynamics, and concise and illuminating comments helped us to navigate a daunting process. I cannot imagine how we would have managed without her encouragement and good humor keeping us focussed and on task to successful completion of the project. My only regret is that the process is now over and I will miss our close engagement with Charlotte and the Crossfields team”

L. Sackler, Hawthorne Valley School