The Integrative Education suite

In Crossfields Learning we develop and deliver educational programmes, which may be created by ourselves or in collaboration with partner organisations. If the latter, then the partner organisation delivers through us using our resources and expertise in systems, quality assurance and pedagogical practice. This option is attractive for those who do not want to have the full responsibility of running an accredited programme but who do want the benefits. Crossfields Learning can offer qualifications awarded by Crossfields Institute Awarding or we can accredit programmes through university partnerships. To date we have collaborated with University West of England (UK) and Alanus University (Germany) for this purpose.

If you would like to get in touch with Crossfields Learning, please email or call 01453 808118

Learner Testimonials

I think what they're trying to do is really incredible, because there are so many people that the mainstream system does not work for and who don’t have an alternative option.

How I want to learn or how I feel like I can best learn is always considered first.

You get really good help and really good feedback on what you should be doing. But then they still leave you free to do it. In your way.

We could just choose anything we were interested in and I think if we're interested in something, it's much easier to do it and enjoy it.

I really, really enjoyed [the Independent Project]. It was really good. A lot of new skills. And I really, I was really proud of it. I felt a real sense of achievement after doing it.

I love [the IE Diploma] so much. It's so free. And I really feel like I can express myself through my work.