Following on from previous blog post The Grubb Institute: Leading Organisational Transformation – a Week Long Seminar:

In conclusion, the state of the system at the end of Seminar 4 is of grappling with consequence of maturation, which has led to a sharpening of the realisation of personal responsibility and systemic accountability. The fear to choose new responses to old behaviours leads to the diminishment of fullness rather than excitement and exhilaration at the potential impact that taking up roles effectively in the world can be met.

This is because there is a lingering doubt about whether maturing and leaving the family idea-in-the-mind will mean leaving old patterns or reinforcing them in new ways.

This hypothesis will be tested through the evidence of the capacity of participants to effectively take up their roles in the OLS, and in making effective transitions from Role Consultants to Project Consultants.

Rebekah, Olivia & Bruce
Seminar Faculty – Leading Organisational Transformation

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