Crossfields Institute Level 2 Award in Forest Gardening

Qualification title

Crossfields Institute Level 2 Award in Forest Gardening


This objective of this Crossfields Institute Level 2 Award in Forest Gardening is to:

Key features

1. Characteristics and crops of a Forest Garden

In this unit, learners will explore the key characteristics of a Forest Garden, and how they contribute to its resilience and environmental benefits. They will learn what plants are commonly grown in the Forest Garden, their characteristics and uses, and what to consider when choosing them.

2. Soil and Fertility

In this unit learners will understand how to maintain fertility in a Forest Garden and learn the role of nitrogen fixing plants, and mycorrhizal fungi. They will also learn the importance of getting to know soil characteristics.

3. Designing a Forest Garden Learners will use what they learnt in the previous two units to help them design a forest garden. They will survey a site and create a map. They will also carry out a client interview, and use the information from their surveys to help them design the garden and choose suitable plants. They will also learn about wind flow, and how to create shelter.

4. Planting, Aftercare and Propagation

In this unit, learners will learn how to prepare a new site for planting, how to maintain a forest garden, and techniques for propagating plants and fungi.

Entry requirements

To study on this qualification you need to demonstrate to the centre that you have:

Guided learning hours


Total qualification time

65 hours



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How long does it take?

6 months


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