Relational Arts & Organic Design – an inspiring new course at Emerson College

Relational Arts & Organic Design is an immersive twelve-week course exploring the relational nature of the world in which we live through a rich programme of nature-based crafts, expressive art and observational science The programme is composed of three four-week blocks built around the themes of Enquiry, Creativity & Purpose:

  • Block 1 – Enquiry: 4 x one-week open modules
  • Block 2 – Creativity: 1 four-week open module
  • Block 3 – Purpose: 1 four-week final project

Students can take part on either a full-time or a part-time basis, choosing one or more of the open modules from the first two blocks. Please note: Block 3 (four-week final project) is only open to students who have completed either Block 1 or Block 2.

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Upcoming Conference: The Role of Humanities, Arts and Transdisciplinary Practice in Higher Education

International conference, 29th and 30th May, 2015.
Venue: Alanus University of the Arts and Social Sciences, Alfter, Germany.



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With career pathways and employability increasingly defining higher education, what is the role and importance of subjects such as literature, philosophy and the arts? And is there still a place in higher education for pursuing a love of learning for its own sake?

In this conference we will explore the possibility of higher education as a journey into the unknown, a place, perhaps, for finding an individual calling or life’s task, a place for self-discovery and selftransformation, a place for exploring questions of human experience and human existence. What is the relevance of this notion of higher education today, both at the individual level of spiritual meaning and fulfilment and at the more general level of social cohesion and resilience?

Our aim for this conference is to create an open space for collaborative dialogue, creative thinking and critical enquiry, with the hope that this will promote new insights for practical ways forward. The conference is for educators, practitioners, students, researchers and anyone interested in the future of higher education.

The conference will be held at the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences in Alfter, Germany, which is a short train journey from Bonn/Cologne airport.
The start and end times of the conference are: 15.30 on Friday 29th May to 17.00 on Saturday 30th May.

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This conference is organised by the Institute for Philosophical and Aesthetic Education, Alanus University of Arts and Social Science, Crossfields Institute and Niederrhein University of Applied Science.