Biodynamic Agriculture Training Week at Emerson College

Crossfields Institute International provided a training week for lecturers from Bulgaria in how to teach biodynamic agriculture and manage university level education. The training was held at Emerson College allowing us to visit two well established biodynamic farms and call on the expertise of experienced farmers to help Crossfields’ staff deliver the training. The lively students, the wealth of resources in the area and the fine, though windy, weather made for a rich and rewarding week.

Relational Arts & Organic Design – an inspiring new course at Emerson College

Relational Arts & Organic Design is an immersive twelve-week course exploring the relational nature of the world in which we live through a rich programme of nature-based crafts, expressive art and observational science The programme is composed of three four-week blocks built around the themes of Enquiry, Creativity & Purpose:

  • Block 1 – Enquiry: 4 x one-week open modules
  • Block 2 – Creativity: 1 four-week open module
  • Block 3 – Purpose: 1 four-week final project

Students can take part on either a full-time or a part-time basis, choosing one or more of the open modules from the first two blocks. Please note: Block 3 (four-week final project) is only open to students who have completed either Block 1 or Block 2.

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Only a Few Places Left on Holistic Baby & Child Care Course

There are now just a few places available on the Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Baby and Child Care (Early Years Educator) course:

Learners interested in studying this qualification should contact Emerson College, East Sussex +44 (0)1342 822 238; +44 (0)1342 826 055 or email

If you are a centre interested in delivering this qualification, please contact Crossfields Institute on 01453 808 118 or

The qualification specification is available here.

Crossfields Institute honours Robert Lord

Crossfields Institute honours Robert Lord, who passed away 14th of September 2016. Robert was a great supporter of our work and he served as a Trustee of Emerson College between 2010 and 2013. Robert had an entrepreneurial spirit and with his wife, Angela, he ran Colour Transformation Ltd through which he offered advice and consultancy. We will think of Robert with gratitude for what he did to contribute to a better society. Our thoughts also go to Angela at this time.


Metamorphosis and a Goethean Approach to the Social Sphere at Emerson College

The Proteus Initiative will be running three workshops on Metamorphosis and a Goethean Approach to the Social Sphere at Emerson College during late February and early March 2015.

Social Transformation through Insight:

A short series of inspirational workshops for those who work within the field of social development – from thought-leaders and educators, through to social activists and community outreach workers.

Are our current forms of intervention too technical, too distant, too separate, compared with the truly challenging task of reading what is really going on through a more participatory and observational approach?

Can we really be in a situation and at the same time, really observe what is happening?  How can we build capacities to be both active and reflective? The challenge is to enable an observational approach that can shift the stuck places of social change.

Sue Davidoff (The Learning School: A Psycho-Social Approach and The Courage to Lead) and Allan Kaplan (The Development Practitioners’ Handbook, Artists of the Invisible) of The Proteus Initiative, are both social development practitioners, working out of a Goethean understanding of process, movement and metamorphosis.

Their trainings bring this enlightened approach to all aspects of social change – consulting, facilitating, writing, teaching.  Striving to bring together a sensibility for, understanding of, and practice towards the relationship between ecological wholeness and social coherence and healing. Enabling people to stretch their processes of inner and outer development to greater edges and depths, providing a foundation for socially responsive and life-supporting practices.

“Gael Surgenor from New Zealand, who studied with Allan and Sue ….reported on a campaign she had led concerned with family violence. She described how Goethean practices contributed to the way the campaign developed and to its success……Their campaign of Family Violence Intervention won the supreme award for excellence in 2010 from the nonprofit Institute of public Administration in New Zealand.“

To find out more about the series of Metamorphosis and Social Change courses at Emerson College, please click this link: [page no longer exists]

If you would like further information or to book a place on one of these short courses, please contact