Transforming Experience in Organisations: A Framework for Organisational Research and Consultancy

Transforming Experiences in OrganisationsA new book edited by Susan Long has just come out that explores the theoretical model – the Transforming Experience Framework (TEF) – that is used on our Organisational Analysis and Leadership pathway of the Masters in Social Innovation, delivered in collaboration with Alanus University in Germany.

The framework was developed over many years by the Grubb Institute who used this in much of their work. As the Publishers say of it the framework helps “to understand the complexities and ambiguities of experience within organisational life. The TEF explores how people can take authentic action through taking up roles. The model is initially presented together with an understanding of the nature of unconscious dynamics and their disturbing and creative potentials. The various chapters explore situations, dilemmas and case studies in organisations through expanding on different aspects of the Framework.

The intention of bringing this collection together is to demonstrate how the model can be used in organisational analysis, research and consulting. The chapters have been written by practitioners and by staff and students of programs teaching in light of this framework and using depth psychology and socioanalytic approaches. The framework has been gradually developed over many years with evolving versions being tried and tested in organisational research and consulting but has not been comprehensively described previously. The framework is in constant evolution and should be regarded as a living model, responsive to new ways of thinking and to changes in organisational experiences and contexts.”

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Congratulations to the first graduates of the MSc Practical Skills Therapeutic Education (Integrated Professional Development)

The MSc in Practical Skills Therapeutic Education Integrated Professional Development) is accredited by the University of the West of England, delivered by the Crossfields Institute faculty at the Ruskin Mill Trust Field Centre. The course has been developed as a collaborative venture between colleagues in the Ruskin Mill Trust and Crossfields Institute.

The course was launched in 2012 and we are pleased to congratulate the first graduates:

Sarah AnneCOMPSONDistinction
Paula CristinaDA MATA
Helen MargaretKIPPAX
Virginia LeighSMITHDistinction

The Lesley Moore Award for Work-based Learning

The prize is awarded for work-based learning where the learner has demonstrated significant development of higher level skills and knowledge which have impacted on self-development and made a positive difference to practice.