Soil Sense

6163B610-330F-4386-AFDD8D8B4450B1ECSoil continues to draw attention and respect for the role it plays in mediating and moderating climate extremes. In a year that has seen quite a number of extreme weather and climate events blogs such as the one by Esther Ngumbi, posted this week on the Scientific American website, serve to highlight the role that microbes can play in developing resilient soils. This article alludes to the role that big companies are playing in making microbial rich products available to growers, but it underplays the potential for small scale, agroecological approaches – the re-establishment of sound composting practices and soil stewardship. A number of our postgraduate students are currently active in researching this route toward building good, resilient soils, and on a scale that aims for good soil as well as good stewardship!

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