The Science and Art of Composting with Bruno Follador from The Nature Institute

Bruno Follador from the Nature Institute in Ghent, New York talks about his path toward becoming an agricultural researcher focusing on the science and art of compost-making. Bruno takes a qualitative approach to farm-based composting and the importance of developing our sense for what makes good, vital compost. His approach is both pragmatic and inspired, and he encourages us to develop our own sense for what makes for good compost – which will contribute in turn to good soil, good plants and good food!

We Need to Take Care of Our Planet’s Soil

In our efforts to strive to improve our planet, are we forgetting to take care of one thing that really matters? The Guardian’s George Monbiot certainly thinks so…

Jonathan Code, Lecturer at Crossfields International:

“Happy International Year of the Soil! If you are wondering why we might have attention directed to soil this year you can get one perspective from George Monbiot who is writing in the Guardian about the importance of preserving, supporting and cultivating good soil. At Crossfields Institute we are committed to education in sustainable agriculture and supporting the growth of awareness for one of our most precious resources – soil.”