Crossfields Institute postgraduate certificate endorsed by the Ministry of Education in Denmark

Our new postgraduate certificate for teachers of 14-19 year olds was yesterday endorsed by the Ministry of Education as a legitimate pathway towards the the Danish national 14-19 teaching qualification. Teachers in Steiner Waldorf Schools completing our postgraduate certificate can now gain credit towards the national teaching qualification required for all teachers of 14-19 education in Denmark.

The Crossfields Institute Postgraduate Certificate will be delivered in two locations and in two languages, English and in Danish. Crossfields Institute will be collaborating with the University in Denmark mandated to deliver the national 14-19 teacher qualification: Syddansk University.

The Crossfields Institute postgraduate programme will be open to all teachers who wish to explore holistic assessment principles, transdisciplinarity, the foundations of Steiner Waldorf education and general didactics of integrative education  through this blended and work based learning programme. The programme is scheduled to launch January 2018 and will be certified in cooperation with our partner Institute for Philosophy and Aesthetics at Alanus University. For more information contact our Chief Executive.

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