Rise in Undergraduate Applications, Fall in Part-time and Mature Students

Image source: timeshighereducation.co.uk


The number of students applying for full-time undergraduate applications is rising, yet this conceals a decline in the number of part-time and mature students. Jack Grove from timeshighereducation.co.uk investigates…

Charlotte von Bulow, Chief Executive of Crossfields Institute, says:

‘There are variables and multiple complex factors involved in the following questions: who chooses to go to University, who chooses not to go and who applies and doesn’t get in. There is no doubt that it has become harder to inspire and attract mature part-time students over the years. So, if the data is indeed correct, the overall picture presented in this article is perhaps not surprising. I have to agree with Mike Boxall, however, that we need to look closely at the “more complex recruitment picture faced by universities”. Before we can draw conclusions about trends, we need to investigate the methodologies used in the development of these statistics and we need to look at the recruitment and admissions reality alongside that. Maybe the picture that is presented here is connected with the social mobility question?’

Please see other articles on our blog with regard to the social mobility question.

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Reimagining the University: New approaches to teaching and learning in higher education

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What were the original ideals of the university and how do they relate to what the university has become today? How can new ideas of ethical, embodied transformative practice help to reimagine and revitalize the university?

The conference is for educators, practitioners and researchers from different disciplines who are interested in innovative approaches to teaching and learning in higher education including:

  • embodied teaching and learning methods that involve the whole human being in the learning process.
  • participatory learning that challenges and redefines how valid knowledge is created.
  • learning that helps students develop into the ethical leaders of the future.
  • inter-disciplinary practice that bridges the divide between arts, humanities and sciences as a way of opening up new approaches to learning and knowledge.

This collaborative event is organised by the University of Gloucestershire, Crossfields Institute, and Alanus University (Germany), with a contribution from the Ruskin Mill Field Centre

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