Through Young Eyes

1-w7ShehdRaF9yAXg7aUZMTQA touring exhibition has been in Nailsworth and Stroud (hometown of Crossfields Institute) this last week showing artwork created by young people in Gaza in response to the conflict of 2014, which brought destruction, death and displacement to their homes and families: .

A poignant and powerful reminder of the ways in which art can enable communication and healing, whatever your age or skill. The exhibition is now moving to Carlisle Cathedral, so do catch it if you are in that part of the UK in the next week or so.

Many Children are Missing Education Due to War

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The educational cost of conflict … children sit inside a looted classroom at the Doronj Sown secondary school after renewed conflict in Bor, Jonglei state, in December 2014. Photograph: Jok Solomon/Reuters


Many children in war-torn countries are missing out on the type of education a lot of other children take for granted. In the Guardian article Bullets banish books in South Sudan as education becomes a casualty of war, James Copnall takes a look at the 4o0,000 children forced out of school due military action. Meanwhile, the BBC’s article Call for global education emergency fund looks at the education summit in Oslo, Norway, and discovers that as many as 124 million children worldwide are not in school.