An exploration of contemplative pedagogy in higher & further education
12th June – 14th June 2015 at Emerson College, Sussex

This event will bring together educators working in higher and further education with an interest in utilising contemplative practice in their teaching. The aim of the weekend is to deepen our understanding of contemplative pedagogy and to learn from each other’s experiences of teaching.

The focus of the weekend will be on how contemplative practice can be integrated into teaching and learning activities. What forms can it take? What are the challenges we face in integrating contemplative pedagogy? What are the benefits? What does it ask of us as teachers? We aim to get a balance between intellectual tasks and embodied experience; practice and theory; connection with others and internal reflection.

Although the weekend is aimed at educators working in higher or further education, anyone with an interest in contemplative pedagogy and a willingness to engage in a range of contemplative practices is very welcome.