Soil Culture at Create is the UK’s summer celebration of UN International Year of Soils 2015. It takes place during July and August at the Create centre in Bristol, the UK’s first Green Capital of Europe, chosen for its willingness to take risks and look at new ideas. Soil Culture at Create is a time and place to explore our relationships to the life-giving matter of soil and discover ways to safeguard its vital role in the future of food and the health of the planet.

Crossfields International staff will be at the event on the following dates:

  • 11th July – Jonathan Code
  • 1st August – Dr. Isis Brook
  • 8th August – Dr. Kenneth Gibson
  • 15th August – Charlotte von Bulow (Founder & Chief Executive)

The Vision of Soil Culture at Create is to:

  • explore the significance of soil in the every day and how it supports vibrant communities
  • offer life changing experiences with the living matter of soil to inspire new stories to live by
  • amplify and connect soil and food initiatives in Bristol during its year as Green Capital of Europe
  • make visible and taste-able the relationships between healthy soil and healthy food
  • share ways of gardening and farming which respect and enliven soils
  • support action for policy changes to protect local and global soils
  • create a lasting legacy which strengthens the soil, art and food movements

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