Month: November 2016

Emergency Bulletin: Firefox Security Problem

Thanks to Wordfence, the makers of the security plugin we use on our websites, we have been alerted to a severe security vulnerability in Firefox.

From the Wordfence website:

“If you use Firefox, we recommend you temporarily switch browsers to Chrome, Safari or a non-firefox based browser that is secure until the Firefox dev team can release an update. The vulnerability allows an attacker to execute code on your Windows workstation. The exploit is in the wild, meaning it’s now public and every hacker on the planet has access to it. There is no fix at the time of this writing.”

You can read more here:
Emergency Bulletin: Firefox 0 day in the wild. What to do.

UWE Graduation: MSc in Practical Skills Therapeutic Education

A huge congratulations to our students who are all now graduates of the MSc in Practical Skills Therapeutic Education (Integrated Professional Development), accredited by the University of the West of England, delivered by the Crossfields Institute faculty at the Ruskin Mill Trust Field Centre.

Despite the terrible weather provided by Storm Angus, a wonderful graduation ceremony was enjoyed last night at the Bristol Cathedral, for those who were able to attend.


Innovation runs in the family

Today, the Guardian is celebrating Joseph Bazalgette’s amazing innovation that was the London sewers. This piece of innovation saved the great capital from complete disaster and unavoidable risk to the health of all those who lived there. Here at Crossfields Institute we are celebrating the involvement of two direct descendants, John Bazalgette, Honorary Fellow of the Grubb School of Organisational Analysis and our Senior Advisor for Social Innovation and Simon Bazalgette, CEO of the Jockey Club, active member of Crossfields International and contributor to our Organisational Analysis and Leadership pathway. Innovation runs in this family!

Map of the London sewerage system from 1882. From
Map of the London sewerage system from 1882. From

The best age to learn?

Research, published recently by academics from UCL’s Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, has shown that older teenagers and young adults are able to improve their fundamental maths skills and reasoning abilities more rapidly than younger teens. This research resonates with the approach of Steiner Waldorf schools, who identify these strengths in older teenagers and actively plan their curriculum accordingly. The research also highlights the flaws in testing at age 11 for selective schooling, given that these skills can be significantly improved at a later stage.

The research suggested that older teenagers could reveal further potential even after sitting GCSEs at 16. Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images
The research suggested that older teenagers could reveal further potential even after sitting GCSEs at 16. Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Want sustainable food? It will take a new normal for farming


Shared by our hard working Crossfields International Associates, Touchstone Collaborations, who are returning from their research residency in South Africa. “This piece is published in collaboration with the academic journal Elementa. It is based on “Toward thick legitimacy: Creating a web of legitimacy for agroecology,” a peer-reviewed article published July 20 as part of Elementa’s New Pathways to Sustainability in Agroecological Systems forum.”

Job Vacancy: External Examiner (Closing Date 10th Nov 2016)

Applications are invited for the following vacancy, working from home, but required to attend meetings at the Stroud office of Crossfields Institute and with the ability to visit Crossfields Institute approved centres within the UK.

External Examiner (we are seeking an experienced subject specialist with an understanding of awarding organisation quality assurance processes in the curriculum area of integrated and holistic health and social care)

Third Party contract, fixed package of work

Fee: variable, depending on scope of work

Based at own home

Crossfields Institute has a progressive and innovative approach to education and training, working with a number of diverse centres to develop and administer integrative qualifications in a range of sectors.

Closing date 10th November 2016

Interview date: by arrangement

Application by CV and covering letter or email should be returned to Alison Richards by the closing date 12 noon 10th November 2016. For further information please contact Alison Richards on the above email or by calling 01453 808118

It is time to create a better email culture in the workplace

We believe that it is high time to create a better email culture in the workplace that allows us to use this medium of communication as a tool for progress rather than allowing our inbox to become a bottomless pit which we dread to engage with. The use of emails represents vast limitations as well as immense potential. Finding the right balance is difficult – and it requires that we embody what good practice means. When it comes to emails, there is a fine line between productivity and obsession. We are glad to see that Jocelyn K. Glei is giving a workshop in London, organised by the Guardian, on the 16th of November.

And while you are at it, take a moment to read her piece on reflection and productivity.