We Spent a Week in New York State with the Hawthorne Valley Association

Crossfields Institute spent a week in upstate New York working with the innovative Hawthorne Valley Association. Watch their inspiring short video here: https://hawthornevalley.org.

In the video you will meet Steffen Schneider, farmer and innovator – also a student on the Masters in Philosophy and Social Innovation, researching agroecology pathway. Our team is working with the Waldorf School located in this exciting and hardworking community:

Serious concern about UK soils!

On Sunday June 12th the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Agroecology (APPG Agroecology) published a report on their website (https://agroecology-appg.org/) highlighting the fact that “the national picture on soil health is deplorably lacking, and there are currently no assessment plans, despite the Government commitment to ensure that all soils are managed sustainably by 2030”. Go to the APPG Agroecology website to see the full reports. The importance of fostering good soil health is clearly an area in which much more research and education needs to be undertaken. Holistic approaches to agroecology (such as permaculture, biodynamics, organics) have long acknowledged that healthy soil is the basis to sound agroecological practices, and the basis for healthy food. Crossfields International is keen to support research and education in how to develop and maintain soil health, which we are doing through supporting a number of international postgraduate students in their agroecological studies.

The first Biodynamic Qualification in the UK

Biodynamic Association Logo

Crossfields Institute and the Biodynamic Association are delighted to announce the launch of the first Ofqual regulated qualification in biodynamic farming and gardening. The new Level 3 Diploma in Biodynamic Farming and Gardening (VRQ) is now available for learners to register. This is the first qualification of its kind in this country, and represents a significant step forward for biodynamic agriculture.

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